The most amazing day of my life

Happened 3 years ago.  I can’t even remember how many years I dreamed of having a daughter (golly, now I have two!) but I always assumed I would never be a mother at all. I’m not sure why.  In any event, as you can imagine, the day my first daughter was born was so wonderful I still choke up when I think about it.

About a second old

We were both pretty tired!

And here she is today, three years gone in a flash

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Since it’s Wednesday and raining, we spent the day opening presents and making vanilla cupcakes with lemon buttercream icing.  I can’t say enough good things about this combination and if I could let you reach into the screen and taste one, I would.  In fact, as soon as I finish this post I’m bringing some over to our lovely neighbors.  That’s the best I can do.  If you live next to me, you get a cupcake.

Lemon rind and juice

Patiently waiting for the mixer

Quality control

Almost ready

I can almost taste the lemon just looking at it!

She wanted edible hearts and pearls

Very girly cupcakes

Stars too

I do have another daughter. Here's proof.

In fact, she got a little present today too, which she loves.


She can’t wait until after dinner to get her hot little hands on one of those cupcakes.  Did I say her?  I meant me.  As an aside, we gave her a LeapPad for her birthday and I have to say I’m really impressed with this tablet for kids so far.  She’s very into the story apps and the camera.  She’s taken many (unflattering) pictures of me.  That’s not the camera’s fault though, as much as I wish it were!

Playing with her LeapPad

Happy birthday, A.  We love you so much.

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