You gotta start somewhere, am I right?

So, here I am.  I have been thinking for a while that I want to start an online blog.  There are several reasons:

  1. I have a lot of thoughts running through my head, all day long.  Every day.  And as I am currently in the presence of an almost 3 year-old and a 1-year-old for 12 hours of the day, I feel like they don’t “get” me.  Get me?
  2. I like to write.  No – I LOVE to write.  I’ve written a lot of things in the past, from technical to scientific to creative writing.  I’ve been away from it for far too long.  This is my attempt at dipping my toe back in that water.
  3. Hmm.  Maybe I should have said a “couple” of reasons instead of “several”, eh?

For now I haven’t decided if I want to focus this blog on something specific.  I think I do not.  I think I love the freedom of posting whatever catches my fancy in that moment.  I have several interests so hopefully someone out there will be interested too.  Also, for now, I would like to stay relatively anonymous (please refer to the filtered picture of my current employers, Thing 1 & Thing 2).  But, my name is Danielle.  And it’s lovely to “meet” you.
And I have used way too many quotes in this post.

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